RM2020 RackMaster Oven

The Rackmaster RM2020 oven is aimed at the small to medium sized micro bakery.

This revolutionary oven boasts:

• 27% more deck space than currently on the market.
• Large oblong viewing window, which creates optimum viewing of the three decks all lit by separate lights.
• The heated stones can be individually controlled, to allow fine tuning of the deck temperatures.
• Heavy duty door catches and hinges, ensure the oven is robust enough, for any heavy and frequent use a bakery can throw at it.
• An effective door seal and fully welded oven chamber, ensures low steam loss during the bake.

A starter pack which includes:

  • 3 x 457mm x 600mm uncoated aluminium peeled lip trays.
  • 3 x 457mm x 600mm x 4mm ply peels.
  • 3 x 457mm x 600mm silicone baking sheets.
  • 1 x 6″ #campbellsdoughknife.

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